Benefits of Hemp Coffee

What are the benefits of Hemp Coffee?

While the list is long and ongoing, these are the top 8 things that make Hemp Coffee better than regular coffee and a great anytime beverage:

  1. It contains protein in every cup
  2. It offers Omega 3s and 6s fatty acids that are great for brain and immune system function
  3. You will not get the jitters from Hemp Coffee
  4. Reduced 'coffee headaches'
  5. Say good-bye to upset stomach because hemp coffee is less acidic
  6. Much less bitter
  7. Greatly reduces chance of caffeine high and/or crash

  8. Due to the oily nature of the ground coffee, hemp coffee stays fresh 2-3x longer than regular ground coffee.

Magpie Hemp Coffee is also gluten-free, contains no THC and is made with love.